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Leeds University Charity Cricket Match 5th June 2013

£685.00 raised

Krishna and 2 special friends at Leeds Uni, Pez & Charlie, organised a cricket match for the Legacy Fund at Woodhouse Cricket Club. On a lovely sunny day the Raj Royals took on  the Soni Spitfires - the whites were donned, the helmets secured and the extremely serious business of cricket was underway at mid-day. Despite the odd glass of Pimms and occasional roll-up between overs, this was a very competitive match with Leeds University 1st team players on both sides. With one club house window completely smashed and all the barbeque food devoured before the players had chance to eat anything, the match ended around 6pm. In the end it came down to 3 runs, with the Soni Spitfires triumphant winners and Raj Soni Snr fairly sure that his reflex ‘catch of the day’ off one of the Raj Royals’ best batsmen, was the pivotal moment in the match!

So many friends helped Krishna, Pez & Charlie on the day and willingly gave their time - Jody and Adam deserve huge applause for their BBQ performance - they cooked all day in not much more than an apron! (think they might have had shorts on underneath??) Everyone  donated  so generously to the Legacy Fund and a fantastic £685 was raised.

Thank you so much.

‘The Longest Swim on the Longest Day’ ~ Midsummer's Day FRIDAY 21st June 2013

*** £20,000.00 raised ***

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in a totally brilliant day. The weather was pretty good, Portishead pool was fantastic (and warm!) and there was an amazing atmosphere all day and evening. Raj K Soni was absolutely there with us all in spirit, and people said they were inspired by the day. 374 swimmers took part including children from Gordano & Highdown schools, and together we swam  6,671 lengths, which is 139 miles. That is just over 6.5 Channel crossings!! Every length counted towards this great achievement so everyone’s contribution made a difference. There was also some pretty exciting swimming at the end of the day when Water Polo Teams (including former Olympians) and Triathlon & Swim Clubs competed against each other, and we had friends swimming their half hour slots around the world - in Australia, Thailand, Austria, Luxembourg & Pembrokeshire! Raj Snr was a brilliant MC for the day and kept us entertained with introductions & encouragement to all the swimmers, and the evening barbeque (big thanks to all the chefs) was relished by all! Add to all of this the jazz band and the DJ, and the whole event felt like a festival, and indeed it was - a festival about community, friendship and love.

The money raised and pledged is much more than we had hoped for so thank  you from our hearts to all those who gave so generously. We are still getting sponsor monies & donations in, so if you haven’t had chance to donate and would like to, please please do so! The direct link is on the Legacy Fund page.

The success of the day was down to so many people but huge thanks in particular go to Tom & Angie Williams, Paul & Gloria Lambert, Andy & Janet Booker, Bryan Stone, Ian Thompson,Toby Gritten, Alan & Carol Wood, and Andy & Barbara Thatcher and the Portishead Pool Trustees. Pencil the date in your diary for next year......!!    

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