Raj K Soni
“Love Strong’

Raj was a very happy soul - he smiled a lot and laughed a lot right from a baby onwards: he had some kind of special energy and people were always drawn to him. We have many pictures taken in India where Raj is sitting with other people!! There’s one where he is having a meal in a beach shack in Goa with a group of teenagers on their gap year; another where is playing chess with an Indian lady after he just walked up and sat at her table in an ashram, and many more.

We also have so many cards and letters from people which say the same thing - “Raj’s smile would light up the room”.

We are so lucky as a family to have done so many wonderful things together. Since Raj was 5 years old and Krishna was 8, we have travelled to India every other year to see our family over there, and we have had the most amazing experiences. We have bumbled round India  over the years in old Ambassadors, jeeps, trains and rickshaws, taking in temples of every kind, wildlife sanctuaries (he is probably one of very few people who has seen a Tiger in the wild), spice routes, tea plantations, Keralan backwaters, ‘hippie hangouts’, games of street cricket, an earthquake, landslides in the Himalayas, the Taj Mahal, Christmas in Goa on the beach, Indian weddings, the foothills of the Himalayas, palaces in Rajasthan, family priests on the Ganges and many other lovely memorable times too numerous to mention. We had lots of fun.

When Raj died, we experienced an enormous and genuine outpouring of love for him from literally hundreds of friends, his wonderful family of course, and everyone who knew him however briefly - he had a positive effect on everyone who knew him and he meant so much to many.

He ‘Loved Strong’ - we loved strong - and we want to hold on to that.

Raj Kumar Soni    

21st July 1994 - 2nd August 2012

Love Forever

With huge love and thanks to all our family and all our friends - the wonderful people who have helped us

and are still helping us cope with the most difficult thing we will ever have to live through ~

words cannot describe the pain and sadness

Raj cont.